Selected running and completed research projects
PRISM (principal investigator) explores innovative mobile and wearable prototypes for informing the manufacturing staff at the shop floor unobtrusively about the current production status. Furthermore, these "preventive intervention" applications aim to provide decision support for potential human interventions in highly automated manufacturing environments.
conego (principal investigator) investigates requirements and user acceptance of voice-based services for citizens. In analogy to emerging „Conversational Commerce“ applications, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of future „Conversational E-Government“ services on smartphones or smart loudspeakers. By developing and evaluating a functional prototype of a promising voice-based citizen service, we will derive guidelines for their concrete design, realization and introduction.
b-Part (principal investigator) investigates novel concepts and solutions for citizen e-participation utilizing latest mobile device technology and appliances embedded in today's urban environments. Its pervasive participation approach will consider each level of e-participation by enabling, engaging, and empowering citizens with the ultimate aim of encouraging a continuous dialogue between a city and citizens by using contemporary technology.
ATREUS (principal investigator) explores the potential of latest Web technologies such as Websockets and mobile sensor APIs for Ubiquitous Computing applications with a special focus on the interplay of mobile devices and public displays. Its goal is to prototype and evaluate attractive browser-based remote control applications for smart environments. Read more...
PRIAMUS (principal investigator) explores a camera-based interaction approach for remotely controlling public screens via smartphones. Exploiting mobile augmented reality techniques, the PRIAMUS framework will open a wide range of novel use cases and applications.
ROADSAFE (researcher) targeted the development of robust systems for vehicle-to-infrastructure communications and the demonstration of those systems on the road. My main contributions included the design and development of functional novel driver information systems utilizing real-time safety messages.
KOFLA (researcher) proposed an assistance system for e-vehicle drivers that routes the vehicles to the best recharging station while considering user preferences, distance, costs, actual traffic and energy load. I was responsible for prototyping the service front-end in form of a Web-based mobile application.
WikiVienna (researcher) pursued the idea of reconstructing the inner city of Vienna in a collaborative effort utilizing advanced computer vision methods and user-generated photos. In this project, I explored novel innovative end-user services utilizing novel visualization and interaction techniques for spatial information.
Point to Discover (researcher) investigated a service framework for enabling simple pointing gestures with a mobile phone to invoke virtual services linked to the real environment, e.g. fetching cultural background information on a historic building. I was responsible for extending prototypes and realizing showcases.
Selected previous research and development projects